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The company “Betonovi izdelia – Varna” EOOD was established in 2021.
The new high-tech complex consists of an automatic production line for vibro-pressed concrete elements of various sizes, a concrete plant, and a workshop for the production of plastic concrete products.
The production uses world-class technology and service platforms to bring a wide range of high-quality concrete products to market.

Concrete mixers: Sicoma MAO2000/3000
Productivity: up to 100 cubic meters/hour
Products offered:
• various types of concrete mixtures certified according to BDS EN 206:2013 and BDS EN 206:2013 + A1:2016/NA: 2017
• cement-sand mortar certified according to BDS EN 998-2:2010

Products offered:
• design and manufacture of handmade products of ordinary plastic concrete (concrete and reinforced concrete) in plastic and metal molds
• design and manufacture of products at the customer’s request
• molds for standard and non-standard elements

Concrete mixers: OMG250, OMG1500
Vibro-press machine: Form Impianti FI1200
Productivity for concrete elements: 1,000 pcs/hour
Products offered:
• kerbs according to BDS EN 1340:2005 with dimensions 50/35/18, 50/30/18, 50/25/18, 50/25/15 and 50/16/8
• pavement slabs according to BDS EN 1339:2005 with dimensions 30/30/5, 30/30/4, 40/40/5 and 40/40/4
• paving units according to BDS EN 1338:2005
• slabs for parking lots according to BDS EN 1339: 2005 – standard type of parking lot grids 40/40/10 and 60/40/10
• concrete blocks according to BDS EN 771-3:2011 + A1:2015 with thicknesses of 15 cm and 20 cm

“Betonovi izdelia – Varna” EOOD has its warehouse and keeps products ready to distribute throughout the whole year for the customers’ convenience.

Further information:
phone: +359 52 740 894
e-mail: office@beton-varna.com
web: www.beton-varna.com