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“Magnolia” is a complex that offers its residents the opportunity to escape from the hectic and dynamic metropolis and move to an environment with an extremely high quality of life in harmony with nature. The name of the complex is an expression of the concept of sustainability and excellence. It is located at the foot of Vitosha, overlooking the “Boyana” residence. A five-story building was designed with two entrances facing “Daskal Stoyan Popandreev” Street.

The complex, consisting of two residential buildings with retail outlets and parking lots, has a built-up area of 6,623.18 sq. m and has 28 apartments, and 62 (56 single and 6 double) underground parking spaces. Impeccable quality is ensured by the precise selection of materials used for both the structure and foundation of the building, as well as all systems, exterior elements, and common parts.

Additional information can be found on the complex’s website here.