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The concept of the residential complex is subordinated to the idea of the meander – a geometric ornament in the form of lines that break at right angles and repeat themselves many times in a row, which has been widespread since ancient times. Abstract in its essence, the ornament gives a distinctive geometric accent and impact, standing equally well in graphic and plastic (three-dimensional) form. It symbolizes the laws of nature, its cyclicity, and reproduction. The meander is an element that was used periodically during the eras – during the Roman, Byzantine, Classicism, Victorian, and Art Deco. The inspiration from the strong impact of the meander is designed in a recognizable and memorable residential complex, subordinated to the clarity and purity of the geometric form. All apartments have favorable exposure. Only 18% of the facade walls are exposed to the north. Any other urban planning decision would multiply the percentage of housing with north, northeast, and northwest exposure.

“Labyrinth” residential complex is a modern architectural ensemble of six buildings, each with nine above-ground floors, united in a rich park environment with a well-thought-out and organized infrastructure. The decorative water area in the center of the composition is a continuation of the idea of the unique natural phenomenon – meander. The residential complex is located on a plot with an area of 12,145 sq.m, of which less than 20% is built. The rest is intended for landscaping, playgrounds, and rest areas with water areas. “Labyrinth” residential complex consists of 239 apartments, mostly with two and three bedrooms. All apartments have a clean rectangular functional scheme, maximally meeting modern living requirements.

Parking in the complex is provided on the periphery of the property and in an underground parking lot to ensure the comfort of living in the recreation areas. The complex has 334 parking spaces, 200 of which are in the underground parking lot.

A modern design of buildings with accessible materials and forms has been achieved. The materials on the facades are Weber structural plaster, Fundermax wood-decorated HPL panels, REHAU SYNEGO system PVC joinery, and steel railings.

SPECIAL AWARD in the category “Residential complexes of multi-family buildings” of the national competition “Building of the Year 2018”.

When #ATHOME means an entire apartment complex! #LABYRINTH| Varna, 9 “Akademik Andrey Sakharov” Str.

Additional information can be found on the complex’s website: www.labyrinth.bg