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The object is part of the project “From East to West – 2. Access to the OIS corridor from the central port of Burgas: Rehabilitation of the railway connections to the Trans-European transport network”.

The scope of the project includes:

  • Rehabilitation of a railway freight track, including a railway track and all adjacent switches located along the freight track, connecting switch No. 103 at the end of track No. 34 outside the property of Burgas East Terminal 2 and switch No. 20 located in the northern part of track No. 5 of Vladimir Pavlov railway station and contact network;
  • Construction of an S-connection connecting the “East-West Connection” track and the “First Towing Track” at the Burgas railway station.

The project implementation will link “BMF Port Burgas East II” with the main national and Trans-European network, specifically the “Orient/Eastern Mediterranean” corridor. This will simplify freight transport between the seaport and inland connections.

The project was realized by “VDH” JSC.