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MALL VARNA is the first center combining modern offices and retail spaces built in Varna. It was opened in 2007 when its exquisite architecture gave a new meaning and vision to the western neighborhoods of Varna. Built by Moto Pfoe, MALL VARNA set the fashion for future shopping centers in the area and in the city, imposing the trends for a new lifestyle for the people of Varna. The first to bring together the pleasure of shopping, entertainment, and a modern work environment in one place.

After the reconstruction, MALL VARNA most accurately reflects the spirit of modern Varna – dynamic, rapidly developing, flexible, preserving the comfort of the traditional urban environment. The concept is based on the synergy between man and his commitments to society. Care for the residents and guests of the building is in every detail.

The concept of MALL VARNA meets the new standard of the modern working person – comfortable and ergonomic offices, combined with everything necessary for the daily life of the busy modern Bulgarian: services, sports, places to rest and spend free time. In addition to the well-thought-out volumes, the feeling of a high standard is also achieved with the high-quality modern materials used for the construction of the shopping center.