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The newly built road junction “Burgas – Sredets – Sozopol” is realized on two levels, at the intersection of Road I-9 with Road II-79 at km 241+600. It was built on the site of the existing one-way traffic light-regulated road intersection of Road I-9 “Varna – Burgas – Sozopol” with “Chataldzha” Street and Road II-79 “Burgas – Elhovo” on the territory of the city of Burgas. The constructed flyover with a total length of 451.70 m is an 18-hole facility divided into four sections.

A new pavement structure was built for the direct route and the road connections of the road junction, providing the possibility of movement of motor vehicles with a load of 11.5 tons/axle. During the implementation of the site, more than 41,350 tons of asphalt mixtures were placed on an area of approximately 110,000 m2.

The project includes:

  • Construction of a roundabout with new road connections and approaches with an area of 34,000 square meters;
  • Construction of a flyover and a new road section with a length of 1,017 m and an area of 22,400 sq.m along the main direction of Road I-9 “Varna – Burgas – Sozopol”;
  • Rehabilitation of 2,580 m of pavement along the I-9 route from the junction to the Vladimir Pavlov overpass;
  • Construction of eight new collectors with a total length of 2,485 m;
  • Construction of independent street lighting with a total length of the lighting route of 8500 m;
  • Delivery and installation of 3200 m of H2W4 type steel safety fence and 1150 m of safety railing.

Value of the construction contract: EUR 7,470,389.65 including VAT