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Carrying out additional design, reconstruction, and rehabilitation of the water supply network of the town of Dobrich

Stage 1 covers water supply – LOT 2 under the “Integrated project to improve the water sector in the city of Dobrich – phase 1” and includes the following activities:

1. Preparation of a waste management plan and redesign of the Constructive part of the prepared working project.

2. Implementation of SMR, including rehabilitation of the water supply network, covers the western part of the city concerning Russia Blvd. – about 46 km and 3,500 building water supply diversions along 179 streets:

  • main water ring
  • water distribution  network
  • home plumbing diversions

The implementation of the water supply network is carried out according to the regulations and technical specifications:

  • earthworks on the water pipes
  • laying the pipes
  • trials
  • washing and disinfection
  • network switching

It is expected that after the end of the project, water losses in the town of Dobrich will decrease by about 30%.