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“Vida” Drama Theater is one of the emblematic buildings of Vidin. In 1889, the municipal council allocated for construction the most central place, located twenty meters from the Danube bank, where the Austrian steamships anchored. Italian architects and builders set about building the miniature “Milan Rock”. The building was completed in 1898. It was the first building in Bulgaria built specifically for a theater. Today, the building has the status of a single architectural-construction immovable cultural value with the category of “local importance”.

Location: 12 “Gradinska” St., Central part of the city – I zone, town of Vidin
Construction permit No. 66 / 24.09.2015

Types of activities:
Replacement of interior and exterior wooden joinery, interior doors, conservation and restoration of facades, cornices, pilasters, etc., replacement of wooden roof structures, thermal insulation of roofs, making roof coverings with tiles, tin works, interior finishing works, plastering and painting works, leveling cement screeds, plasterboard and faience linings, interior linings made of MDF paneling, acoustic linings, laying of floors – carpet and laminated parquet, replacement of electrical and plumbing installations, replacement of heating installations, making of a new ventilation and air conditioning installation , construction of a fire alarm installation and video surveillance, new sound installation and stage lighting for a theater hall, replacement of chairs and stage equipment in the theater hall, vertical layout, paving slabs, landscaping.

Total area: 2,253.28 m2