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Construction, overhaul, reconstruction, and implementation of measures to increase energy efficiency at site 123 Stefan Stambolov Secondary School, Sofia

Location: Sofia, Capital Municipality, Krasna Polyana District, Bratin Dol St. No. 26
Building permit: No. 231 / 16.10.2015

Performed types of activities:
Replacement of internal and external PVC and aluminum joinery, internal doors, thermal insulation of facades, thermal insulation of roofs, making roof waterproofing, tin works, interior finishing works, plastering and painting works, making leveling cement screeds, faience facings, making flooring terracotta and parquet floors, replacement of electrical and plumbing installations, replacement of heating installations, construction of a fire alarm installation and video surveillance, fabrication and installation of steel structures, vertical planning, asphalt works, pavement slabs, landscaping, repair of fences.

Total area: 9,408 m2