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The project “Reconstruction of the internal water supply network of the village of Vaklino, the village of Durankulak, the village of Ezerets, and the village of Krapets, Shabla municipality” was financed under contract No. 08/321/01362/27.11.2012 with the Ministry of Health under measure 321 “Main services for the population and the economy in rural areas” from the Rural Development Program.

The activities include the reconstruction and modernization of the water supply network of the villages of Vaklino, Durankulak, Ezerets, and Krapets and are aimed at achieving one of the main objectives of the measure, namely improving living conditions in rural areas by improving access to quality water supply and sewage infrastructure.

Within the framework of the project, the internal water supply network was reconstructed and introduced by the legally established standards. Losses of drinking water have been reduced and its quality has been increased.