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In order to shape “Kovachevsko Kale” as a completed tourist site, activities were carried out for the construction of infrastructure – roads, parking, approaches, artistic lighting, outdoor attractions, landscaping, etc., as well as for the completion of conservation works on the fortress and improvement of the terrain.

For the fortress, which dates back to the 4th century and existed during the Roman and early Byzantine eras, to acquire its current appearance, nearly 4 million BGN were invested, 85% of which were co-financed by the ERDF, the remaining 15% were the beneficiary’s contribution, the Municipality of Popovo.

Completed activities:

  • Performance of a lapidarium – an open-air exhibition and attraction for the demonstration of ancient military equipment.
  • Installation of a prefabricated building for a visitor information center.
  • Construction of pedestrian alleys (alley network), placement of directional and informational signs, etc.
  • Improvement of the entrance space of the archaeological complex through the reconstruction of a road approach.
  • Implementation of electrical and plumbing parts, park and artistic lighting, landscaping, etc.

COMPLETION DATE: December 2013