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The total length of the Northern Speed Tangent is 16.54 km. The road project is important for Sofia and the country since the Trakia, Hemus, and Lyulin highways and the Sofia-Kalotina road intersect at the site. Connectivity is ensured between several corridors # IV, VIII, and X. Traffic from and to Greece, Romania, the Republic of Macedonia, and Serbia takes place through them.

The construction of the Northern Express Tangent provides a convenient connection between the extreme northwestern and southeastern districts of Sofia. The new 6-lane route improves the access of the most remote areas to the center of the capital, facilitates traffic, and shortens travel time. With the construction of the 16-kilometer section, traffic is evenly distributed between the new route and the Sofia Ring Road.

The project is worth BGN 180 million and was financed by the OP “Regional Development” 2007-2013.

The contractor is the “HPVS-SST” consortium, which includes: “Hidrostroy” AD, “Patni stroezhi Veliko Tarnovo” AD, “Patinzheneringstroy” AD, “Patstroy Burgas” EOOD, and “Vodstroy 98” AD.

COMPLETION DATE: September 2016