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Engineering of the “Sea Garden” site – rehabilitation of the street network, including alleys and playgrounds, lighting, and elements of the street infrastructure. Reconstruction and construction of new playgrounds for sports and games, recreation areas, park furniture, etc. Reconstruction of irrigation system, and vegetation within the project “Aestheticization and modernization of the urban environment in Varna” under procedure BG16R FOP001-1.002 “Implementation of integrated plans for urban reconstruction and development 2014-2020-Varna”, Priority axis 1 “Sustainable and integrated urban development” of OP “Regions in growth” 2014-2020

According to the design program, the site is divided into eight zones:
– Zone A – Alpineum
– Zone B – Rosary
– Area C – green areas, retaining wall, natural stone walkway, pergola viewing platform, and repair of staircase and retaining wall to the promenade
– Zone D – green and colorful areas between Zone B and the Summer Theater (“Exotic” Zone)
– Zone D – “Under the Rainbow” – zone east of Zone C
– Zone E – zone between the Sea Casino, the Planetarium and the Aquarium
– Zone G – bicycle lane, parallel to “Knyaz Boris I” Blvd., alley network and retaining walls
– Zone 3 – zone covering other large green areas, composed of two sub-zones: Zone “West” and Zone “East” – Alley of Japanese cherry trees.

The project covers:
– analysis of the historical development of each area and the possibilities of restoring the function and vision from the original image. Reconstruction and beautification are planned for some of the areas. Some of them have a changed function, in some places, there are structural problems related to the geological features of the terrain.
– preservation to the maximum extent of the original appearance of the pavements, the cladding of the retaining walls, and the vision and dimensions of the park elements. Replacement of some of the elements of the park equipment to achieve greater sustainability while maintaining the character and vision of the original details.
– restoration of the visibility to the sea on the panoramic platforms, hampered by the tall vegetation that has developed over the years.