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Within the ISPA measure #2002/ВG/16/Р/РЕ/016 – “Integrated project to improve the water cycle of the city of Varna” the first stage of the reconstruction and modernization of the WWTP-Varna has been completed. It provides for the reconstruction of the bio basins and the air-blowing station, the reconstruction of the existing compactors for raw sludge and the methane tanks with biogas utilization, as well as the introduction of an automated process control and management system (SSADA).

The project has a total value of about BGN 12 million, of which 75% is European funding and 25% is national co-financing. The implementation of the development was completed at the end of 2011. As a result of its implementation, the WWTP-Varna has been modernized, according to the EU requirements for removing nitrogen from wastewater in settlements with more than 10,000 equiv. g. and prepare for future reconstruction.