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Engineering – restoration of the water supply of security channels on the territory of “Asparuhovo” district – Varna

The project covers activities to restore the functionality of the drainage canal, protect the lives and health of the residents of the Asparuhovo region, and minimize the risks in emergencies.

The catchment area of ​​the eastern canal, which passes through urbanized and densely built-up areas, is 4,767 km2. The decision to apply a reinforced concrete section is dictated by the fact that a large amount of water must be conducted in troubled conditions in terms of the size of the facility. To minimally permanently affect properties along the route, it is accepted that most of the corrections should have a closed profile of 2.20 x 3.00 m and be backfilled.

The open profile in the channel has dimensions of 1.50 m – height and 6.0 m – width.

The total length of the eastern canal is 1,426 m, of which 351 m has with open section and 1,075 m has with closed profile.

The activities are part of item 1 of an overall project that won second prize in the special edition of the Infrastructure Bulgaria Awards 2018 initiative, part of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018 calendar of events.