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The rehabilitation contract includes complex repair activities such as replacement of the waterproofing, the pavement of the roadway and the sidewalks, replacement of pedestrian and guiding railings, replacement of expansion joints, repair of the concrete slab, restoration of the anti-corrosion protection of the metal structure, structural strengthening, etc.

After the completion of the construction works, the technical condition of the bridge will follow the requirements for quality, resistance, and stability of static and dynamic impacts, operational safety, and environmental protection provided for in the European and Romanian legislation.

The 970 m long bridge over the Borcea junction is a combined rail and road bridge of a structural type that crosses the Danube River and, together with a similar bridge from Cernavodă, with a length of 1596 m, connects the cities of Fetești and Cernavodă from Romania, between the regions of Dobrudja and Muntenia.

Contract value EUR 13,827,150.04
INVESTOR: National Administration for Road Infrastructure of Romania (CNAIR)