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The project “Reconstruction and modernization of WWTP-Varna – second stage” was financed by the Operational Program “Environment” 2007-2013. As a result of the project, the protection of Lake Varna, the nearby bathing areas of the Black Sea from the polluting effect of the discharge of untreated domestic and industrial wastewater, as well as minimizing the impact on the environment and the health risks of the population living in the Black Sea coastal areas and the territory served by the WWTP – Varna.

Value for design and construction of the site: BGN 34,454,400.

The executor of the construction contract: UNION “VARNA PSOV” DZZD

Within the framework of the project, new buildings and facilities were constructed and a large part of the existing buildings and facilities along the water line and along the sludge treatment line were reconstructed and modernized.

With the realization of the object, the last stage of the reconstruction of the station, providing for complete tertiary treatment of wastewater, through the construction of phosphorus removal facilities, has been completed. The emission limits for the quality of discharged wastewater have been reached in terms of indicators: total nitrogen and total phosphorus. A better efficiency has been achieved by the activity of the WWTP-Varna, in terms of sludge treatment.


The object was commissioned on 14.05.2015 and officially opened on 19.06.2015.