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After nearly 46 years of successful operation, the Congress Hall must be brought into line with the modern requirements of international sports federations, as well as with the current architectural, construction, technical, and installation standards, which will improve the use, safety, and access of visitors with disabilities.

The new interior solution was achieved by completely changing the appearance of the audience hall – from “Congress” to “Arena” by building a completely new interior and functional architectural solution. The stands were reconstructed to provide a capacity of 5,000 seats. New bleachers have been placed on the vacant seats on the sidelines on the second level. They are shaped like two tribunal niches, symmetrical with the space of the hall. To provide 5,000 seats, the commentary booths have been removed and, in their place, a new grandstand accessible from the sidelines on the second level has been integrated into the highly unusable space above the mobile stage.

To comply with the evacuation plan with the current regulations and to improve the horizontal angle when watching “volumetric” sports, the existing central grandstand has been reconstructed. To achieve greater flexibility on the playing field, the first four rows of the side stands are equipped with movable rows. The playing field has a new position and dimensions – 26.5 / 40 to 45 meters, with the possibility of holding various types of sports competitions. The reconstruction fully preserves the function and the rotating mechanism of the stage.

Private VIP access to the official box is provided.

A mixing zone has been designed, located near the exit from the playing field of the hall to the changing rooms. The space is tailored to the requirements of the federations and allows for the organization of television and radio interviews.

The entire block of changing rooms has been modernized, with 6 teams, 8 individual changing rooms, 3 changing rooms for referees, a medical center, and a hall for anti-doping control. Toilets for visitors increase according to the capacity of the hall, including toilets for visitors with disabilities.

To improve the public evacuation plan, the implementation of metal stairs is planned.

There are technical and service rooms for commentators, a niche for TV cameras, a room for sound, lighting, and video boards, and a room for electronic boards.

All installations and the entire internal infrastructure, which is heavily depreciated, have been completely reconstructed and renovated.

The new, more modern interior design includes modern finishes, materials, and equipment with parameters ensuring a high level of acoustics and fire safety.