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The project “Reconstruction of the street network and squares, construction of sidewalks and sidewalk green areas in the municipality of Dalgopol – agglomerations, the village of Lopushna, the village of Polyatsite, the village of Partizani” is part of the Municipal Development Plan of the Municipality of Dalgopol in the period 2014 – 2020.

The project aims to achieve a significant improvement of the transport infrastructure on the territory of the Dalgopol municipality; restoration and improvement of the existing road surface, road body, and drainage, to provide conditions for traffic safety, comfort of travelers, and extension of the operational life of the road. Improving accessibility, communication, and quality of life in the settlements subject to its scope; finding a solution to one of the main problems of the municipality of Dalgopol and the villages of Polyatsite and Partizani – the deterioration of the quality and accessibility of the local infrastructure.