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The aim of the integrated project to improve the water cycle of the city of Varna is to protect Lake Varna and the nearby beaches from pollution caused by the discharge of domestic and industrial wastewater, minimizing the adverse effects on the environment and significantly improving the conditions for life for the people of the city of Varna and the entire Black Sea and coastal area.

Through the implementation of the component Reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage systems of the city of Varna, the following results were achieved:

  • An old and depreciated water supply network of asbestos-cement pipes in Asparuhovo district was replaced.
  • The quality of the drinking water supply service has been improved in areas with a high rate of accidents and frequent water supply interruptions.
  • An old and amortized sewage network was replaced.
  • The amount of infiltrating groundwater, putting an additional burden on the city’s sewage network, has been reduced.

COMPLETION DATE: September 2010