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The activities are part of the project “Improving the connection of tertiary nodes Mangalia and Balchik to TEN-T infrastructure”, Priority axis 1 “A well-connected region”, Specific objective 1.1. “Improving the planning, development, and coordination of cross-border transport systems for – good connection to the TEN-T (trans-European transport networks) transport network”. The project was approved for financing by decision No. 88 on 12th October 2018 by the Monitoring Committee of the Program.

The project is implemented jointly with the Municipality of Mangalia – Romania and includes the rehabilitation of the municipal road DOB 1149 – /1-9, Kavarna-Balchik-Topola – the town of Ikantalaka – border municipality (Kavarna-Balchik) – the town of Tuzlata – Balchik – Albena / 1 -9 / from km 4+500 at the Kavarna municipality border to km 10+020 at the intersection with road 11-27 in the city of Balchik – l=5,520m and on the municipal road DOB 3160 – /DOB 1149, Topola – Balchik/ – municipality border (Kavarna-Balchik) – k.k. Tuzlata – /DOB 1149/ from km 2+170 to 4+083 – L=1,913 m.

The project envisages milling of the wear layer, repair of damaged areas, and laying of a new layer of dense asphalt concrete type “A” E=1200 mRa with a thickness of 5 cm, cleaning, and construction of ditches and drains, installation of elastic fencing in the necessary areas, strengthening of banquettes with crushed stone, laying horizontal and vertical markings.