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Object: “Repair-restoration and strengthening works on Varna breakwater – II stage”

The construction and installation works involved building a protective berm with tetrapod armor, rock mass, and mattresses, as well as filling existing breakwater boxes with rock mass in the section from km 0+793 to km 0+350. Additionally, repairs were made to the existing footbridge that connects the Sea Station with the breakwater, and the pedestrian area was extended to the lighthouse. This included the dismantling of existing flooring, safety railings, and stainless-steel stairs, and the installation of new ones.

The first part of the repair of the over 100-year-old breakwater of Varna was carried out in 2015. It involved the installation of safety railings and a complete reconstruction of the wall during high surf. The breakwater was built in 1906 together with the port of Varna. In 2008, some strengthening of the facility from the Marine Station to the lighthouse was carried out.

INVESTOR: Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.)