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DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF CONSTRUCTION FOR THE SITE: Strengthening of the landslide and the road section of “Veliki Preslav” Blvd., Shumen (section of road SHU 1180 “Locality 5th km – Shumen – Divdyadovo” between km 6+550 and km 7+ 900).

The main SMR in the two landslide areas are related to the removal of road surfaces, facilities, the road embankment, and others in the scope, bridging of the landslide circuses using two similar bridge structures at km 0+826.75 and km 1+076.79, respectively, and the release of the natural landforms – ravines. The project includes the rehabilitation of the other affected parts of the road, as a result of the long-term influence of landslide processes, such as road surfaces, sewage and drainage works, electrical works, etc.

The main activities carried out in the rehabilitation of “Veliki Preslav” Blvd. are:

  • partial replacement of curbs related to the size of the construction of the bridge facilities and replacement of individual places affected by the landslide processes;
  • cleaning the sidewalks from vegetation and drift materials;
  • local repairs of the pavement, removal of the asphalt concrete and crushed stone pavement, part of the road embankment, and restoration of the same with pavement construction category “heavy”;
    repairs of other areas affected by landslide processes;
  • filling cracks;
  • repaving of the section from km 0+000 to km 1+629.21;
  • street drainage with storm drains, lined trenches, and drainage system;
  • construction of new street lighting along the entire section of the route.

COMPLETION DATE: September 2015