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Refurbishment of the inter-block spaces in the housing complex “Troshevo” in the square, locked between “Fantazia” street, the street north of block 78, “Hristo Smirnenski” blvd., “Khan Kubrat” street and “Dobrin Vasilev” street.

The implemented activities include the construction of new avenues, landscaping, and the allocation of new parking spaces on the green joint, and corners for recreation, sports, and children’s games. In the space next to bl. 77, bl. 78, bl. 79, bl. 80 and south of bl. 82 has a new recreation area – with a pergola and benches. 5 playgrounds and the sports field next to bl. have been completely renovated. 80, and to bl. 81 an outdoor gym was built. Benches and waste bins have been installed. There is also a playground for pets in the neighborhood.